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International Parcel

UWS offers you the most extensive parcel delivery network. Our coverage is the largest in the country and our service standard is of high-quality. We improve our services constantly according to the needs and requirements of our customers. We provide transportation services for business and private deliveries, and online trading. From brick and mortar operations, to mail order catalogs, to online retailers (e-tailers), companies are finding myriad opportunities to sell their wares abroad. As this demand increases, domestic producers and vendors are faced with many logistical challenges of expanding their operations to serve this growing market. background Our service offers three different service levels to enable the international parcel shipper to serve their respective markets efficiently and economically. Expedited International Parcel allows international shippers the option to calculate and collect all charges for shipping, and duties and taxes at the point of sale. Expedited International Parcel enables your customers to track their shipments from the time they arrive at our warehouse, all the way to their doorsteps. Providing your customer with the total, landed cost reduces the instance of refused shipments and offers a better experience to the online shopper. Priority International Parcel is an economical alternative, suitable for low value merchandise that uses the first class mail service and foreign postal administrations. Your parcels will be delivered quickly, and with less visibility, to all international addresses including PO Boxes. Standard International Parcel is the least expensive international shipping option. It combines reliability with economy by using the mail services and foreign postal administrations. Your parcels will be delivered efficiently and with less visibility to all international addresses including PO Boxes.

Student Services

We offer specialized service for students, who are looking to move on to their next phase of lives, and require a seamless logistics service to manage their baggage and material movement to their homes or next destinations. To support students in packing their belongings, UWS also provides unique Home Boxes’. The services offer pickup from the student’s dorm room, and delivery at their homes with an option for payment upon booking or at the time of delivery and online tracking of their consignments. With our experience we have helped students ship their personnel belongings from their doorstep to different universities across the globe. To make sure you get the best out of our student shipping Service

Services offered :

Door pick-up and door delivery Packing and documentation support Option of to-pay / freight collection on delivery, at nominal additional charges Online tracking of consignments All services available at your doorstep on a call or email Centralized customer assistance on toll free number We’ll take care of your application forms and get them delivered on time, so you get into the best universities UWS serves most of the premier management, engineering and other professional campus students in India and aboard.

Door to Door

One of the prime objectives of the domestic division is to bring back to rail, goods which are now being transported by road. A key business thrust that has been made by the company in the area of domestic business has been in seeking to pick up such traffic that is moving by road by offering door-to-door pick up and delivery services. Now when most commodities are brought right to your doorstep, what about a company that picks up from your doorstep too! Rihiti does just that, we provide door-to-door services for sending parcels and large consignment across the nation. Our trained professionals efficiently handle computers, printed materials, product samples, spare parts etc. background We carry with care and handle every consignment as if it’s our own. We offer you fast and efficient door to door delivery services. Our road transport department is capable of moving your consignments from your doorstep to the final destination across the world. Further, with our widespread network, we make sure your things are safe and secure during transit and most importantly delivered on time. Our door to door delivery services are reliable and cost effective. We offer these services for various industries. The concept of door pick ups and delivery takes us one step closer to achieving the primary objective of becoming a truly multi-modal logistics service provider. We are also seeking to make the process of delivery and pick up as simple as possible so that all the necessary paper work can be completed at the customer’s door, and the customer need not visit the terminal at all. In certain cases, we have even made arrangements for the unloading of cargo from containers, and the delivery of loose cargo if this the customer’s requirements. We are also in close touch with our customers to ensure that deliveries are made as far as possible according to their convenience and requirements.


Air Freight

Our extensive air fleet, global network and strong relationships with major commercial airlines mean that we are well-positioned to provide a wide range of aviation logistics services. The delivery of time-critical or valuable freight requires a secure, fast, flexible transport solution. Moving freight by air connects cities, regions and countries around the world to meet even the tightest schedules. We are able to deliver flexible, innovative aviation logistics services throughout our global network , working with our customers to determine the best transport mode or multi-modal requirements based on time limitations, cost and freight type.

We ensure that all the goods are perfectly packed so that they don’t stand any chances of damage during transportation. The shifting is done without any inconvenience and in a hassle free manner. Also, packing is done under the supervision of our experts who make sure that all the goods are perfectly packed so that they don’t get damaged while moving from one place to another.

Our air freight services
Airport to airport delivery
Door to door delivery
Freight types we move by air

We also operate expedited freight services for time-critical consignments that require fast delivery.

Freight sizes we move by air
Our diverse fleet and history of aviation logistics experience enables us to handle freight in a range of sizes and configurations, but some weight and size restrictions apply when moving freight by air.
Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Why choose UWS for your air freight services?
We work hard to deliver optimal logistics solutions to our customers, strengthening our core service offerings with innovative technology , facilities, and systems that give your business a competitive advantage.

Choosing UWS as your air freight partner provides you with:
Tracking across our networks
Security measures
Sophisticated IT systems for secure information transfer
Global air networks
Express services
Import handling and administration
Access to belly space on commercial airline through our agreements

Custom Clearance

International boundaries and transportation equal the need for customs clearance for your shipment. Hence customs has a paramount importance in the seamless transportation of materials and goods in and out of all countries. In depth interaction with the various customs agencies/ministries can make or break the successful delivery of a shipment.

As a Custom House Agent we are well versed with updated customs regulations and procedures, we can handle clearance of all your Import / Export shipments with ease and efficiency. Our custom clearance related services includes advice to our clients in preparation of final Import / Export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments

Customs clearance is a highly specialized field. To negotiate best outcomes for export and import cargo, an in-depth working knowledge of local in-country customs regulations, quarantine rules, currency and jurisdictional mining legislation and resource sector concessions is required. The consignments after completion of custom formalities are either shipped / delivered to the client’s warehouse or are dispatched to the upcountry destination under our supervision.

We have experience of handling all sorts of imports whether temporary or on permanent basis cleared on payment of duty and taxes or under various exemption notifications.

Project Clearing
We also specialize in custom clearance and transportation of project cargo. All project work at UWS is carried out within our quality assurance guidelines and procedures and our clients trust us to fulfill their high expectations in getting their consignments safely to the destination.

Post Clearing
Post Clearing Services such as processing of refunds, duty drawbacks, release of bank guarantees and Indemnity Bonds and follow-up of cases referred to the valuation branch are also being handled by us in order to provide a complete package of custom clearance related services to our clients.


E Fulfilment

Delivering e-commerce success, whether you are already running an e-commerce operation or planning to add an online sales channel, choosing the right fulfillment option can make the difference between bigger profits and bigger headaches. UWS e-fulfilment solution is designed to meet the needs of retailers and FMCG companies, large and small, domestic and international. Reduce Risk Our flexible, modular system helps you reduce risk and maximize customer satisfaction: Cost-efficient – you only pay for what you need Grows with your business – in your home market or internationally Rapid implementation – even if you operate on a global basis, now or in the future. Gives you visibility of customer data, sales and returns through our unique UWS technology. Delivers a superb brand experience – based on our philosophy of total reliability and impeccable execution. Tailored to your needs Opt for one of our standard sets of solutions or choose the Plug & Play services that fit your business: Order fulfillment Warehousing Transport and delivery Reverse logistics Delivery services and call center Value added services Visibility and report In today’s hyper-connected world, you only get one chance to make the right impression. With UWS ’s e-fulfilment solution you get it right first time.


Supply Chain Management

When it comes to your logistics and supply chain management, it’s not enough to partner with a provider that understands logistics. Improving efficiency, opening new markets and enhancing service means choosing a third-party logistics management partner who knows that Execution is Everything. Every day, we help world-leading companies get products to market faster, serve customers better and control costs. How? By drawing on unmatched know-how, resources, UWS practices and expertise to deliver operational excellence. Let us do the same for you. We are your complete freight management solution. When you choose UWS to manage your supply chain, you’re not just getting a business partner; you’re getting an extension of your company. Our dedicated team of experienced associates will work within your business to provide freight management services that blend seamlessly into your daily business processes. Transportation Network Management Our reputation for excellence is reflected in the solid client partnerships we’ve built and maintained. Take advantage of our reliable network offerings and let us handle your supply chain needs from start to finish, so you can focus your attention on the core competencies of your business. Supplier Management Forget the headache of trying to determine which suppliers and carriers you can trust. With UWS, you can be sure that your freight is in the best care possible. Our extensive networks of trusted suppliers are required to comply with the highest standards of service, and provide complete visibility throughout the life of your supply chain. Seamless integration, complete freight management.